Avery County Department of Social Services

Program Integrity

The Program Integrity workers task's are investigation, establishment and collection of overpayments, whether fraudulent or misrepresentative, with each eligibility program. The Program worker utilizes court action, both criminal and civil, tax intercept, wage garnishment, allotment reduction, and voluntary repayment as methods of collections for overpayments of benefits. Program Integrity workers  have the responsibility of ensuring that tax dollars are going to families in need.


Cases referred to Program Integrity are assessed for collection and if necessary disqualification or court action.


Referrals can be made to the Program Integrity worker by citizens or by caseworkers.

Complaints from citizens can be made by phone or by coming into the office. Caseworkers fill out a referral for investigation form. Much information is needed to pursue fraudulent activities or misrepresentation claims.

When citizens call in, they do not have to identify themselves. However, the Program Integrity workers will need to ask specific questions to be able to establish a basis for investigation.

The public is Program Integrity's best source of information.

Call 828-733-8230 or email Kay Potter to make a referral for possible fraud.